Medicare Supplement Plans: Waiting Period

If you are under your open enrollment period, your insurance company does not have the authority to deny or delay your insurance coverage. Nonetheless, they can for sure make you wait during this time. It is for this reason, that many people prefer getting enrolled during the enrollment period. This is often referred as the pre-existing condition due to which the person is made to wait. If the insurance company has a pre-existing condition waiting period, you will be asked to wait for a while.


What will happen if the company has pre-existing condition?

If the insurance company has any such condition, they will often refuse to cover the charges and also may refuse to pay for the extra services for about six months. Nonetheless, if you have the government sanctioned Medicare, you may be able to enjoy the services during this time. Once the term period of six months expire, the extra expenses would surely be covered by the Medical Supplement Plan post the pre-existing condition. The delay in the coverage will only happen if the condition was found six months before the starting of your policy.


Can the pre-existing waiting period be shortened?

The pre-existing waiting period can be delayed as well as shortened for a certain amount of time under the following conditions


  • You have purchased the Medicare Supplement Plan during the Open Enrollment Period.
  • You are switching from any creditable health coverage.
  • The creditable coverage was valid before the six months
  • The break during the coverage period was not more than that of 63 days.

How do you apply if your Medigap Open Enrollment Period has expired?

Many people are of the view that once the open enrollment period expires it will be tough to apply for the Medicare Supplement Plan. It holds true to many extent. However, in such a case there is no guarantee whether your application will be accepted without any medical underwriting or not. Also, you are required to meet all the important requirements in order to get your job done. However, there are certain limits or exceptions due to which you may be considered.

You will have various options if you want to switch your Medigap Plan. Nonetheless, you will need to be a little careful of the total procedure. You can search online about the various problems with which you will be able to meet the particular requirements. You can compare between the different policies and determine which one best suits your needs.