Top 10 Best Medicare Supplement Plans In The States

The purchasing process of Medicare Supplement plan may be simple, but to chose the right privately owned insurer can be a tricky business. Since we all know the benefits are standardized which makes the selection of agency almost useless. Here, in this article, we will be listing down 10 of the best agencies who sell Medicare Supplement Plan. We will also study why it is always very important to choose the correct agency while buying the Medigap.

  • Aetna Medicare Supplement:

Aetna is one of the oldest insurance providers in the country and that indicates stability. The agency enjoys a rating as high as A in the A.M Ratings. They have been serving the people of the States for over a decade. So a person can never go wrong with Aetna.


  • Cigna Medicare Supplement:

This Agency is providing an innovative solution to the people of the States since 1982. This is another agency which enjoys a rating of A in A.M ratings. They always provide a very competitive premium rate and always ensure the well being of their client.

  • Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplements:

This is another agency which is serving the people of America for over a decade. Since the very foundation of their business is Medicare they specialize in providing premium service.

AARP Medicare Plans

  • Manhattan Life Medicare:

Discounts always provide a feel-good effect on the mind of the consumer. Manhattan knows it very well and so provides a 7% household discount for having a roommate.

  • Bankers Fidelity Medicare:

This Company has an experience of almost 60 years. So, if you are wishing to collaborate with some seniors in this field then Bankers Fidelity is the correct choice.

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield:

This is another experienced Medicare plan that is serving the people of America since 1929. They almost provide coverage to 1 in 3 Americans. They provide 7 types of Medigap Policies.

  • Transamerica Supplements:

They have been providing insurance service to the people of America since the 1990’s. They have earned an A+ rating in A.M ratings for their quality service. They have headquarters in the city of San Francisco.

  • Anthem Medicare:

They have operations limited in certain states of States. Though they are part of Blue Cross Blue Shield they sell the Medicare supplement Plans separately.

  • United Healthcare Medicare:

We can never compile a list of best medicare provider without including UHC in the list. This brand is the most popular Medicare Supplement Plan providers in the States.

  • Combined Medicare:

They may not be one of the big names in this field but they have been serving the people of States steadily since 1929.

The 7 Benefits Of Purchasing A Medical Advantage Plan.

It is one of the most common expenses that we include in our monthly expenses is to pay the premium of medical insurances. Most commonly the premium which we pay is for the Original Medicare Insurance. Many of us are unaware the entire medical bill is uncovered by the Original Medicare Plan.

The Original Medicare Insurance is generally provided by the government bodies but there is another type of Medicare Plan known as Medical Advantage Plan which is provided by the private insurance agencies. The work of this insurance plan is to bridge the gap between the Medical Bill and the money sanctioned by the Original Medicare Plan.

What is a Medical Advantage Plan?

A Medical Advantage Plan is not a stand-alone insurance, and it requires an Original Medicare Plan in place to avail its benefits. Many people who confuse Medigap with Medical Advantage Plan. The work of the Medical Advantage Plan is to enhance the benefits of an Original Medicare Plan. The Medical Advantage Plan covers the expense of hearing and visual aids. It also covers the expense of private nursing service.


The 2019 Medical Advantage Plan does not cover the above-mentioned expenses. The advantage of owning a Medigap is it, not only funds the expense that an Original Insurance does not, but this plan can be used outside the national boundaries of the United States. It does not cover the expense of Type D prescribed drugs, but it does cover the expenses of availing the service of skilled nursing service.

Many private insurance agencies which sell Medical Advantage Plan. A person interested to buy this insurance plan can refer to several online websites which will help to choose the best plan for the particular person.

Grounds for disqualification:

Certain grounds which disqualifies a person from owning the Medigap. If a person has a pre-existing medical condition, he may be disqualified from buying this plan. Some states in the United States which do not permit people under 65 to purchase the Medigap Plan. A person must have a valid Original Medicare Plan before buying Medigap. A Medigap plan covers one person at a time. So, if a person wants to fund his spouse as well with him, he must purchase two separate Medigap Plan.

Premium Policy:

The premium policy is different for different agencies. It is a very routine practice to consider the age of the insurer to calculate the premium or cost of the insurance. But some agencies calculate the premium value irrespective of age or gender.



The 3 Best Options When It Comes To Purchasing Medicare Advantage Plan


The Medicare Advantage Plan is a type of plan which helps in advantageing the Original Medicare Plan. There are many of us who often confuse Medigap with Medical Advantage Plan. The work of the Medical Advantage Plan is to enhance the Original Medicare but the Medicare Advantage only advantages the Original Medicare.

Plan F:

There are almost 10 types of Medicare advantage plans that are available in the market but nowadays only 7 are sold. The Plan E is no longer in business. The most widely preferred type of Medicare Plan is the F type Plan. The premium rate for this plan may be comparatively high but it provides complete coverage. The person who is covered by F type Plan does not have to pay any expense from their pocket.

Plan G:

Though it is believed that due to the high premium rate it is becoming more and more unpopular among the consumers. It is estimated by 2020, the plan F will be scrapped and Plan G will take its place. The premium rate for Plan G is quite less. Though, the person may need to pay a little expense from their own pocket. But the less premium amount is one of the attractive features for this plan. This plan also provides a fund in case of treatment in a foreign land but the maximum limit is not as high as 80%. The plan F of Medicare Advantage Plan provides an eye-watering 80% of the total cost. The Plan G also provides expense in case of hiring skilled nursing facility.

Plan M:

The other type of AARP Medicare Advantage Plan This plan also has less premium rate in comparison to Plan F. the person who is covered under Plan M may have to some expenses from his pocket but the other benefits are quite similar to the F type.


The premium policy of the companies varies differently. There are some agencies that do not consider the age of the person while calculation of the premium. There is a type of policymakers who calculate the price based on the age of the insurer. There is another type where the premium gets revised every year according to the age of the insurer. There are some policymakers who very often disqualify a person based on the pre-existing medical conditions. They often charge an extra premium based on this criteria. This premium calculation is similar for all policy types.

Should You Waste Your Money On A Medical Supplement Plan?

The Medicare Supplement Plan along with an Original Medicare provides complete protection to a hospitalized person. It is a very common occurrence that the Original Medicare fails to cover the entire hospital bill. The Medigap helps in supplementing those additional expenses.

Services provided by the Medical Supplement Plan:

The Medicare Supplement Plan is an insurance service provided to people who are in their late-60. As they are mostly relieved from all works, it becomes a lot of financial burden for a person and his family to pay the bill from their pocket. This insurance is sold by privately owned companies and people those who are more than 65 years of age are eligible to buy this plan. Recently, companies started selling this plan to people who have not attended the 65 year age mark.

Limitations of this plan:

The Medical Supplement Plan is not a stand-alone insurance, so a person must have an Original Medicare in place before he purchases the Medigap. It is also not possible to have a Medical Advantage Plan as well as Medical Supplement Plan all at the same time. A person must complete the validity of the advantage plan first and then buy Medigap or he can easily cancel the Advantage plan and purchase the other one. A medical Advantage Plan is a plan which enhances the basic Medicare plan.

There are certain expenses the Medigap does not cover:

  • The bills incurred during long-term care is not paid the Medigap,
  • If a person is looking for some insurance which will bear expenses for the prescribed drugs, then this is not the right policy.
  • The Medigap does not bear the expenses for purchasing hearing and visual aids machine.
  • The Medigap is individualistic in nature and provides protection to one person at a time. So, a married man who wishes to protect himself and his wife must purchase to separate plans.


There are some special criteria that a buyer must meet to:

  • The person firstly must have an Original Medicare in place.
  • He cannot hold two similar type of plan in a single time frame.
  • He cannot come under the protection of Medigap if he is suffering from any pre-existing medical condition.
  • There is a time frame called Medical Supplement Enrollment Period where a person can purchase this plan. It lasts for a period of about 6 months only.

Reasons Why One Should Have Plan F Medicare Supplement Plan

The expense of receiving premium Medicare service is increasing steeply with every passing day. This is directly proportional to the rapid advancement in the field of medicinal science. A survey conducted by Goldman Sachs estimated almost 30% of a people earning is spent on healthcare expenses.

Insurance providers of Medicare Supplement Plan are

The Medicare Supplement Plan is sold by providing by private owned agencies. The agencies divided the plans into 10 categories. Though, nowadays only 7 types of Medigap plans are sold. The work of the Medigap is to create a bridge between the Original Medicare and the hospital bill.

The 7 types of Medicare Supplement Plan that are provided, the best of the lot is Plan F. The premium rate for the Plan F is quite high in comparison to other plans. But, once a person comes under the coverage of Plan F, he no longer has to pay any bills from his pocket.


Benefits of Plan F:

The benefits of owning a Plan F are massive. In any medical emergency, if the person wishes to get treated in foreign soil, he can get coverage of almost 80%. The other benefits of owning the Plan F are, it covers Part B coinsurances and expenses, Part A hospital and coinsurance cost for year-round coverage. The premium policy of Medigap Plan varies from agency to agency. The standard benefits of all agencies are same but the premium policies vary from company to company.


The Medicare Supplement Plan is a type of insurance which is supplementary in nature. It cannot perform in a stand-alone form. The eligibility criteria for purchasing a Medigap are a little complex.

  • Firstly, the person must have a valid Original Medicare Plan.
  • Secondly, he cannot have a medical Advantage Plan coverage. Either he must wait for it to expire or he must cancel the plan and then purchase the Medicare Supplement Plan.
  • The person must attend the age of 65 years, but in some part of the country people, less than that can also opt to buy it.
  • The Medigap covers one person at a time. So, if one wishes for coverage for both his wife and himself he needs to buy two separate plans.
  • The period known as the enrollment period is when one should buy the plan. This period is also a guaranteed issue period where no medical conditions are taken into considerations.