About Trian

Founded in 2005, Trian Fund Management, L.P. (“Trian”) is a multi-billion-dollar investment management firm with over 50 employees. Trian is a highly engaged shareowner that combines concentrated public equity ownership with operational expertise. Leveraging the 40+ years’ operating experience of our Principals, Nelson Peltz, Ed Garden and Peter May, Trian seeks to invest in high quality but undervalued and underperforming public companies and to work collaboratively with management teams and boards of those companies to execute operational and strategic initiatives designed to drive long-term sustainable earnings growth for the benefit of all shareholders.

About Clayt Daley, Trian Advisor on P&G

In connection with its investment in P&G, Trian has retained Clayton C. Daley, Jr. as an advisor. Over the course of his 35-year career at P&G, Mr. Daley served in numerous positions, including Vice Chairman and Chief Financial Officer. Mr. Daley will provide Trian with strategic advice and analysis regarding P&G and the consumer packaged goods industry as it presents its case for Nelson Peltz joining the P&G board to other shareholders.

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