“Nelson Peltz has a track record of driving long-term shareholder value. Revitalize P&G Together.”

“Nelson Peltz brings a track record of success to P&G’s board”

“If P&G had performed like its peers over the last 10 years, your P&G nest egg would be 60% bigger.”

As illustrated in the chart in the top-left hand corner, $100 invested in P&G ten years ago would be worth $193 today, based on P&G’s total shareholder return of 93% during that period. However, if P&G had instead achieved the same total shareholder return as its peers during that period (210%), that $100 would be worth $310 today, or approximately 60% more.

“Your P&G Nest Egg is Shrinking; P&G keeps losing market share / Revitalize P&G Together”

“Trian’s Strategic Initiatives to help revitalize P&G”

“P&G Can’t Keep Up With Peers; We can do better—together / Revitalize P&G Together”

“Competitors’ returns ran circles around P&G over the past decade. Let’s Revitalize P&G Together.”

“It’s time for change at P&G. Let’s revitalize P&G together”

“Trian seeks to bring long-term shareholder value to P&G”

“If a shareholder, on June 15, 2007, had invested $63 (the price of one P&G share on that date) in an even-weighted index composed of the Company’s peers, the index would be worth approximately $160 as of June 15, 2017, adjusted for dividends that a P&G shareholder has received over the past ten years.”

“Trian is a Long-Term Investor; With plans to create long-term value at P&G / Revitalize P&G Together”

“Upstarts like Dollar Shave are growing faster and taking market share from P&G. Nelson Peltz can help P&G grow again”